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Portland Eagles Casco Aerie #565


Back by popular demand, the “2nd Time Around” band will be playing from 1pm to 3pm during member appreciation day, Saturday September 9th!


The Portland Eagles received their Charter in 1904 and have the honor of being the oldest Eagles Aerie in the State of Maine. We’re approximately 850 members strong and have an Auxiliary membership of approximately 550. Our charitable donations and good works have served the communities of the Greater Portland area with pride for more than 100 years.

      The Portland Eagles is a dynamic, active community service organization. Comprised of professionals, tradesmen, retirees, farmers, public service personnel, small business owners and more, we’re truly representative of just about every occupation and level of society. We also have the Casco Auxiliary #565. The Ladies Auxiliary is an integral and vital partner of the Aerie. We are proud of and grateful for the many contributions of their members.

        If you would like further information about joining The Portland Eagles (Aerie or Auxiliary), please visit the club as our guest or call (207) 773-9448 ext 10 or ext 13 and one of our managers will be glad to assist you.

   Our new banquet facilities are available for rent to members and to the general public. Whether you’re planning a wedding reception, birthday party, holiday gathering , business meeting or classroom seminar, our professional staff will take care of all the details.

queen_of_hearts-19 Queen Of Hearts Drawing is every Saturday night at 7pm. The last sale before the drawing is at 6:45pm. queen_of_hearts-19
For more information, please contact Jim Hanlon at (207) 773-9448 ext 13
Thank you everyone for your continued support.